Thursday, December 22, 2011

long distance love

long distance love... korang pernah rase.. huhu.. For me,, long distance love really need courage n trust.. Cuz less time being spend together,, especially when both of u put study on your first list.. But yeah,, I believe most of us did that..coz I dont think we should risk our study or our future for someone who might be in or maybe didnt stay too long in  future life.... If we were meant to be together, we are,, right??!!
and long distance love truly need efforts.. i mean really really need efforts.. If u are the only one who keep struggling,, I guess u gonna blow it one day,, n u can say " I'm tired n I'm done with u ".. Yeah,, I wish I can say it one day... If n only u dont change your tight schedule laa dear.. haha.. *kidding.. no offence lorh

Long distance love between your besties..
since,, my besties are all in Malaysia n they seemed to have really great life back there.. wish to be part of if..but still,, everything is fine between us..still using whatsapp sometimes.. Facebook..n honestly it makes me smile when we were talking about old stories n we still can laugh on the same jokes over n over.. N when we meet,, we still can sleep on the same pillow n share blanket like old times.. ouh,, i miss them more than daging halal in malaysia,, more than burger king la..dunno how to express it.. actually I made a video for u girls,, but got no time to upload it.. wait hah!!

Long Distance with your true love
right now,, I am 8123 kilometers or 5048 miles or 4386 nautical miles away from my family..

seriously tersangat la jauh.. as i never being apart from them.. Yeah,, family is my everything.. U can say anything about me,, I can ignore n take it easy.. but not about my family.. U should think twice before talking about my family..huhu.. kasar eh..haha.. Being apart from them gonna change u a lot.. whether it in good or bad ways,, u still gonna be someone new..try to live with it.. so no matters what u are planning or working on,, please do it after u realise the consequences n u know that your actions and acts wont hurt them.. like one of my senior who has been missing for few months..some says she run away..only God knows where the hiiill is she now..praying for her..  Then,,dont make them worry about u.. u should lie if it can bring up their smiles..Yeah,, I did that sometimes..haha..

u guys should try long distance love.. only then,, u can see how strong your love are.. dont use love calculator!!


  1. qilah.. miss and love you so much.. rindu nak tido ngan qil lagi.. ingat yg last night kat sester after spm..hhuhu kita relax2 je tido peluk2 ats lantai kat tepi katil..huhu miss you a lot qilah.. <3

  2. long distance realationship????i dont believe it...kah3