Tuesday, June 19, 2012

for juniors

It has been quite a while since i wrote the last entry. See how busy am I.

Now let see what my hands wanna write tonight..

since I am having jet lag n cannot sleep before 4 a.m,, I guess I want to share a little bit about my study in moscow.

It quite useful to those who want or desperately wanna further their study in mosow.  

"got an offer letter to study medicine in moscow??"

i think it is not something that u should be proud of. All I think is you should prepare yourself from the very moments you applied the scholarship. If u are taking this easy,, i guess u gonna give up within 6 months like some of us did.

dear adik-adik sayang,
from my opinion,, if u are interested to further your study in Russia, u should make a research first. I mean a very good one. you should know the details about life style, studies, the management of the university that u applied, the way they carry out the exam, the teachers and russia itself. Better do it. If not, you will get misunderstanding which will lead to a disappointment. It does not matter whether you are sponsored by governments or pama, think wisely n make a good decision. btw, I am not saying that studying in moscow is absolutely bullsh**. coz me,myself did not regret my decision to come here. After all, i am thankful n grateful to be here.

you guys should know a fact about studying here. when u are here, studying medicine or maybe engineering, u are not only learning about biology (study of life) or studying how to repair a rocket or submarine, u might also gain something that some of us forget about- which is our self (no need to elaborate this thing)

second things is always expect the worst. for example-

1) never put to high expectation in exam (collloq)
2) always be prepare with unpredictable weather
3) unfriendly or too friendly makcik
4) be a good accountant. it is normal to draw rm1000 in a week coz sometimes we got crazy when it comes to winter sale n sushi. :)
5) teacher's mood
6) metro
7) pick pocket
8) u might build up some muscle here. see how your biceps would look like after a year. but never get as big as malik nor.

third is prepare to travel to class that might located all over moscow n maybe standing in train or bus for 2 hours too. but it is not a bad thing if u love watching manusia with their behaviours that could put a smile on your lips. (this for mma student je) kelas scattered okay.. tapi best je.. dapat jalan-jalan cari pasal.

ape lagi erk. how about food n water . halal food for muslim is quite easy to get since we got halal cafe here. or u can turn to be a vegetarian if u like. not a big deal, kiddo. air ade chlorine tapi chill je as u can buy carbon filter.. 

so far, moscow did not kill any malaysian students i guess. everyone still rise n shine. having a good life insyallah. so I need to stop here as johnny is bugging me for wiskies now. good luck juniors n till then, adios.

im coming home. tell the world im coming home

Saturday, January 14, 2012

WHY me??

Kenapa tercampak di sini?? Di bumi yang cukup asing...cukup mengerikan..bumi yang never welcome u here.. not even with a smile..

Nikmatnya di bumi Malaysia.. nikmat tuu akan dirasai bagi sesiapa yang melihat dan menghargai..kalau dulu,, ade masalah sikit,, aku punya aida n neddy yg akan dengar cite aku.. kalau dulu,, aku punya along n angah kalau aku rosakkan barang orang.. kalau dulu,, aku punya ayu n ano yang boleh aku peluk n menangis.. kalau dulu, aku punye oni n arif yang akan buat aku stop crying..even dorang lagi muda dari aku,, nasihat dorang mampu buat aku berfikir dua kali.. sekarang aku hanya punya Dia dan teman seperjuangan...sama-sama mengejar ilmu, meredah salji di subuh hari demi mendapat ilmu.. yang mungkin akan diperkecilkan oleh sesetengah manusia nanti.. mereka boleh cakap,, sebab mereka tak berada di posisi aku.. yeah,, alaaa masalah macam tuu je.. tolong la jangan manja sangat.. aku?? Diam.. 

Sejak kebelakangan nie,, satu demi satu masalah datang menyapa.. Ok.. aku bukan kuat sangat..aku menangis..see,, how weak n pathetic am I... aku asyik cakap "why me??" aku buat dosa ke hari nie?? aku sakitkan hati orang ke?? silap aku ke?? (memang pun)

Then,, aku diamkan persoalan tu tuk beberapa ketika.. time goes by and my questions were answered by Him through tadabbur , dr fauziah,, my housemates, kak nisha,  kak fatin n this video..

tapi aku takde la sampai tahap nak keluar agama en.. takde la macam tuu.. cuma asyik pikir "kenapa aku??"
cuba bace jawapan die tuu.. n refer pada diri kita nie.. 

Allah datangkan kita ujian sebab Dia rindu rintihan kita..- kak nisha

Dia nak surah alah dekatkan diri kat Dia la tuu.. mungkin dalam sedar atau tak,, alah mungkin lupa berserah n tawakal pada Dia.. Dia sangat dekat.. Mengadu bukan mengeluh pada-Nya.. -mummy

Setiap orang akan mendapat ujian yang sama.. cuma bila n bagaimana ujian itu diatasi mungkin berbeza- izzah

so cara kita mengatasi masalah tuu akan membezakan kita.. menunjukkan betapa ceteknya ilmu n jahil nya kita.. okay tuu memang aku.. but now,, russia memang membuka minda n pemahaman aku.. setiap perkara akan menguji ketaqwaan, akan mengugat keimanan la.. seriously,, jangan pernah lupa pada Dia.. after what had happen,, u can only rely on Him..only Allah.. 

p/s: lepas nie insyallah semua akan jadi lebih baik even berapa banyak pun ujian.. sebab asas kehidupan itu ujian serta cabaran. Allah tidak katakan bahawa hidup ini mudah tapi Dia berjanji akan bersama-sama orang yang sabar....peringatan untuk diri sendiri.. 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

HELP US by helping yourself

hmm it has been soo long i am not writing a new post,,,n now my new year's holidays has came to the end.. sob sob.. tears are pouring  down.. neeh.. am not too sad but yeah,, gonna miss wake up late,, breakfast at 2 pm n yeah my volgorian,, wina..

quite hard to reschedule my life's routine as medic student.. istighfar,, it is not a routine but my responsible n one of my duty of being His servant.. credit to Dr Fauziah who really opened n widen my vision, eyes, heart n mind about life as medic student..according to her,, life is not about living in your own house,, in your own perception.. i mean life is not all about you.. you n you.. look at people around us.. what have u done for them.. did u ever help them,, wake them up from their isolated world.. from their comfort zone..

 take a look at unfortunate people,,
the Palestine:
they said that we can help them by helping our self, our family then our citizen .. see,, that is life is all about.. it is about people around you.. we should,, no no we MUST consider everyone around us instead of  jual ikan( being self fish)..

for sure la kan u cant carry a gun and help them in middle of the war,, u cant stand up like Rachel Corrie who was killed while was trying to block an Israel bulldozer.. so at least help others by helping yourself.. this is a reminder for me.. n maybe for someone out there who think they should do their part too..

Friday, December 30, 2011

new eve holidays

now im having new eve break.. for most of people in russia,, they are going to have a blast night eve n cristmas on this week.. but for me,,it is only going to be another typical days.. why? because i have 4 subject that i need to cover on during this holiday.. anatomy, gen chemistry, economy( why the fish im studying this subject) n biology... need to memorise merely 450 muscles.. alaa sikit je tuu..==' n yeah,,nothing special except for volgograd's girls are going to sleepover at our place for this holidays.. i dunno why im freaking excited meh.. no need to mention that i miss wina,, but im planning to make a frolic holidays with my girls..  n cuz this is our first time having a break in this soviet,, so gonna treasure every inch of their canal,, street n path n metro..a week might be sound too short.. but atleast i will make it worth than ever..

my faveret ruski teacher will hold a new eve n christmas party,, since we are invited,, we are planning to cook nasi lemak for him.. n gonna sacrifice our precious santan..T_T.. that all.. pakka

Monday, December 26, 2011

its you

wish that u are what u were ...not someone that u saw in train just now,, or ur friends... the point is be yourself.. that person who u saw in the mirror...dont copy paste others..because a fake person lives in a fake life.. you wont find happiness in a life that full with drama n lies..

dont waste your life by hoping to be like him,her or them.. Allah has made a beautiful creature inside n outside..you can see it through your  words n actions.. n to make others see your beauty,, live as a muslim..

Thursday, December 22, 2011

long distance love

long distance love... korang pernah rase.. huhu.. For me,, long distance love really need courage n trust.. Cuz less time being spend together,, especially when both of u put study on your first list.. But yeah,, I believe most of us did that..coz I dont think we should risk our study or our future for someone who might be in or maybe didnt stay too long in  future life.... If we were meant to be together, we are,, right??!!
and long distance love truly need efforts.. i mean really really need efforts.. If u are the only one who keep struggling,, I guess u gonna blow it one day,, n u can say " I'm tired n I'm done with u ".. Yeah,, I wish I can say it one day... If n only u dont change your tight schedule laa dear.. haha.. *kidding.. no offence lorh

Long distance love between your besties..
since,, my besties are all in Malaysia n they seemed to have really great life back there.. wish to be part of if..but still,, everything is fine between us..still using whatsapp sometimes.. Facebook..n honestly it makes me smile when we were talking about old stories n we still can laugh on the same jokes over n over.. N when we meet,, we still can sleep on the same pillow n share blanket like old times.. ouh,, i miss them more than daging halal in malaysia,, more than burger king la..dunno how to express it.. actually I made a video for u girls,, but got no time to upload it.. wait hah!!

Long Distance with your true love
right now,, I am 8123 kilometers or 5048 miles or 4386 nautical miles away from my family..

seriously tersangat la jauh.. as i never being apart from them.. Yeah,, family is my everything.. U can say anything about me,, I can ignore n take it easy.. but not about my family.. U should think twice before talking about my family..huhu.. kasar eh..haha.. Being apart from them gonna change u a lot.. whether it in good or bad ways,, u still gonna be someone new..try to live with it.. so no matters what u are planning or working on,, please do it after u realise the consequences n u know that your actions and acts wont hurt them.. like one of my senior who has been missing for few months..some says she run away..only God knows where the hiiill is she now..praying for her..  Then,,dont make them worry about u.. u should lie if it can bring up their smiles..Yeah,, I did that sometimes..haha..

u guys should try long distance love.. only then,, u can see how strong your love are.. dont use love calculator!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

so called hard time..

woo,, berhabuk da blog nie.. actually banyak entri yang aku tulis.. tapi aku ended up closing those entries without posting them... yeah,, i'm having hard time now.. especially with my breathing n my study..n money

first,, i dunno what the hill is wrong with my nose.. cant have a good sleep every night..susah nak bernafas la.. mummy,, lambat lagi ke ubat tuu nak sampai...entah kat mane la kapal yang bawak ubat aku tuu.. damn,, im dying.. memang la banyak pharmacy kat sini.. but en,, due to my  awesomeness ruski,,  i dunno how to explain my own sickness kat pharmacist.. nak jumpa doctor?? hohoho.. baik tak payah...

second,, my study.. yeah,, medicine student mesti ade colloq or exam every week en.. sabor je la..yang tuu boleh tahan lagi.. yang tak leh bla nyer biler lecturer kasi aku markah rendah just because die PMS... i mean die moody la.. yang nie pun terpaksa sabar je.. yeah,, aku memang student yang baik.. cannot deny it.. n aku da start belajar cam spm kot.. 24/7 study.. tapi,, rezeki setiap orang tu kan berbeza..cam mummy selalu pesan,, bersyukur dengan ape yang kite dapat.. mungkin dapat markah rendah tuu,, kita hanya nampak keburukkan,, but who knows- Allah nak bagi something better,, like avtomark ke.. takyah amek final exam..huhu.. tapi tapi,,i just found out satu care tuk ubat hati yang frust.. which is shopping!! everytime habis colloq,, aku mesti,, i mean wajib melencong ke tempat lain,, mall dekat je ngan kelas..so ape lagi kan..

ouh.. btw,, aku ade 50 rubble je sekarang nie..tuu pun duit orang.. 50 rubbles tuu equal to 5 hinggit ok.. ya ya ya.. aku sangat papa sekarang..haha.. ini semua sebab kes purse aku kat metropolis last month.
kad HSBC aku da kena block..boleh chill lagi.. then,, bile maybank kad pun asyik kena reject sebab aku- budak paling nyanyok sebab lupe p activate kad tuu untuk kegunaan overseas.. bodoh kan.. alooo hai..
yeah,, nak senang keje boley je sebenar.. suruh je la mum aku bank in duit kat bank kawan.. tapi tapi tapi,, entah kenapa aku cam pelik giler.. taknak jugak buat camtu.. maybe sebab aku malas n malu tak bertempat - nak mintak tolong kawan.. housemates aku cakap aku pelik n menyusahkan diri sendiri...
sooryy, kawan.. aku memang camnie..

but still.. aku try to chill .. hahha.. da stop makan shauma.. da bawak bekal beradong.. n aku tahan nafsu untuk beli junk food kat Asyan.. yeah,, tuu  satu perubahan yang betol-betol bagus aku rase..haha..
mum cakap kad tuu paling cepat sampai seminggu... ouh cepat la sampai sebab tak suka pinjam duit orang...

ok tuu je.. study bio luu..esok ade colloq..