Sunday, January 8, 2012

HELP US by helping yourself

hmm it has been soo long i am not writing a new post,,,n now my new year's holidays has came to the end.. sob sob.. tears are pouring  down.. neeh.. am not too sad but yeah,, gonna miss wake up late,, breakfast at 2 pm n yeah my volgorian,, wina..

quite hard to reschedule my life's routine as medic student.. istighfar,, it is not a routine but my responsible n one of my duty of being His servant.. credit to Dr Fauziah who really opened n widen my vision, eyes, heart n mind about life as medic student..according to her,, life is not about living in your own house,, in your own perception.. i mean life is not all about you.. you n you.. look at people around us.. what have u done for them.. did u ever help them,, wake them up from their isolated world.. from their comfort zone..

 take a look at unfortunate people,,
the Palestine:
they said that we can help them by helping our self, our family then our citizen .. see,, that is life is all about.. it is about people around you.. we should,, no no we MUST consider everyone around us instead of  jual ikan( being self fish)..

for sure la kan u cant carry a gun and help them in middle of the war,, u cant stand up like Rachel Corrie who was killed while was trying to block an Israel bulldozer.. so at least help others by helping yourself.. this is a reminder for me.. n maybe for someone out there who think they should do their part too..

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