Friday, December 30, 2011

new eve holidays

now im having new eve break.. for most of people in russia,, they are going to have a blast night eve n cristmas on this week.. but for me,,it is only going to be another typical days.. why? because i have 4 subject that i need to cover on during this holiday.. anatomy, gen chemistry, economy( why the fish im studying this subject) n biology... need to memorise merely 450 muscles.. alaa sikit je tuu..==' n yeah,,nothing special except for volgograd's girls are going to sleepover at our place for this holidays.. i dunno why im freaking excited meh.. no need to mention that i miss wina,, but im planning to make a frolic holidays with my girls..  n cuz this is our first time having a break in this soviet,, so gonna treasure every inch of their canal,, street n path n metro..a week might be sound too short.. but atleast i will make it worth than ever..

my faveret ruski teacher will hold a new eve n christmas party,, since we are invited,, we are planning to cook nasi lemak for him.. n gonna sacrifice our precious santan..T_T.. that all.. pakka

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