Tuesday, June 19, 2012

for juniors

It has been quite a while since i wrote the last entry. See how busy am I.

Now let see what my hands wanna write tonight..

since I am having jet lag n cannot sleep before 4 a.m,, I guess I want to share a little bit about my study in moscow.

It quite useful to those who want or desperately wanna further their study in mosow.  

"got an offer letter to study medicine in moscow??"

i think it is not something that u should be proud of. All I think is you should prepare yourself from the very moments you applied the scholarship. If u are taking this easy,, i guess u gonna give up within 6 months like some of us did.

dear adik-adik sayang,
from my opinion,, if u are interested to further your study in Russia, u should make a research first. I mean a very good one. you should know the details about life style, studies, the management of the university that u applied, the way they carry out the exam, the teachers and russia itself. Better do it. If not, you will get misunderstanding which will lead to a disappointment. It does not matter whether you are sponsored by governments or pama, think wisely n make a good decision. btw, I am not saying that studying in moscow is absolutely bullsh**. coz me,myself did not regret my decision to come here. After all, i am thankful n grateful to be here.

you guys should know a fact about studying here. when u are here, studying medicine or maybe engineering, u are not only learning about biology (study of life) or studying how to repair a rocket or submarine, u might also gain something that some of us forget about- which is our self (no need to elaborate this thing)

second things is always expect the worst. for example-

1) never put to high expectation in exam (collloq)
2) always be prepare with unpredictable weather
3) unfriendly or too friendly makcik
4) be a good accountant. it is normal to draw rm1000 in a week coz sometimes we got crazy when it comes to winter sale n sushi. :)
5) teacher's mood
6) metro
7) pick pocket
8) u might build up some muscle here. see how your biceps would look like after a year. but never get as big as malik nor.

third is prepare to travel to class that might located all over moscow n maybe standing in train or bus for 2 hours too. but it is not a bad thing if u love watching manusia with their behaviours that could put a smile on your lips. (this for mma student je) kelas scattered okay.. tapi best je.. dapat jalan-jalan cari pasal.

ape lagi erk. how about food n water . halal food for muslim is quite easy to get since we got halal cafe here. or u can turn to be a vegetarian if u like. not a big deal, kiddo. air ade chlorine tapi chill je as u can buy carbon filter.. 

so far, moscow did not kill any malaysian students i guess. everyone still rise n shine. having a good life insyallah. so I need to stop here as johnny is bugging me for wiskies now. good luck juniors n till then, adios.

im coming home. tell the world im coming home


  1. menarik3.. tapi kenapa part yg tak perlu elaborate tu?

    "u might also gain something that some of us forget about- which is our self"

    maksudnya? saya tengah excited nak sambung belajar kat Rusia ni.. :P

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    3. apa komen enti tu?

  2. Good One aqilah, if my juniors ask me about Russia, i'll ask them to read this article :)

    1. thanks.. cepat la balik.. kate nk belanja maggi ketam..

  3. pengisian yg bagus....................hahahaha